Improve your voice and performance skills: value add to your life

What does Double Act Studio’s Deepen Performance course offer to people who aren’t actors?

Here’s how some of the key benefits this course and performance-related training can help you in your career and everyday life.

Healthy voice

Your vocal cords benefit from exercise and correct management. There should never be a situation in your life when they are sore or you are hoarse. Learn how to use your voice correctly and from there, know how to  keep it in top condition for your whole life. you can keep it in top condition for your whole life.  For more mature people, voice exercises can stop you from sounding weak.

Power, Stamina and Range

You should be able to use your speaking voice over a 3-octave range. It can be responsive to your personality, your emotions and your lifestyle. If you connect with your breath and your thoughts, you will be heard.

Be charismatic

Correct breathing means you lose much of the unneeded tension in your body: that, in turn attracts people to you.  That strange X factor, (which for me is charisma or watch-ability), needs relaxation and ease: it depends on your ability to be present when you speak, when you act, when you are in a group.

Lose any nasality in your voice

A nasal or strident voice can be avoided.  You do not have to sound like that: it is a habit. It might be familiar to you but it is not natural. Voice work will teach you how to sound easy, communicative, rich and pleasant.

Be believable and authentic

Most of all, your voice should reflect who you are.  You can learn how to speak your mind, be yourself, and how to listen well to others.

Working with actors?

If you work closely with actors in the film or theatre industry, you can benefit from performance experience. It can offer you a shared vocabulary and text analysis skills which will improve your ability to communicate with others.

The work is fun

Pure and simple. It can all be fun. At the very least, working with anatomically correct breathing can give you a natural high.

If you are curious about your communication style and skills, you should take the step to investigate and extend your boundaries.

So, whether you are a teacher, administrator, manager, theatre director – or actor – seven Friday nights with Jennifer Flowers and Dianne Eden will engage, challenge and offer you new skills.

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