Here are some words from my teacher and mentor Kristin Linklater. I you are interested in voice and acting you will find these words resonate with you. Dianne

 I do want to say that I am struck by how many explanations of “how the voice works” begin with the action of breath on vocal folds, by-passing the impulse that sparks the process. I want to
emphasize that I am talking about the *impulse(s)* that generate the action
of breath and vocal folds and vibration. How to prepare and exercise the
vocal system to respond through the involuntary nervous system and the
involuntary (proprioceptive) musculature to originating thought and
feeling. All words arise out of sensory images (representational and/or
abstract) created from feelings and impulses. I am interested in helping to
connect the voice, through breath, as directly as possible with the causal,
originating impulses of the thoughts and feelings *behind* the words – or,
in the case of singing, *behind *the music. 

For this, the full, free 3 to 4-octave
range of the voice is necessary. And of course it goes without saying that
musicianship, practice, elements of rhetoric and prosody etc are essential
ingredients of the craft that serves the art.

One way or another we are training the brain – through the body-mind. In
practice the balance between form (mechanics, skill-sets, grammar) and
content (feelings, desire, need, joy, rage, grief, wonder) will determine
the quality of the result. Which is the master and which the servant?

Here are some of the phrases I have heard from acting teachers that
underline my point of view –

“Cultivate the conditions to be surprised.”

“Letting go of wanting to make something happen is a very strong choice.”

“Communication is a by-product of desire and freedom.”

“Focus on the causal impulse – not the result.”

“Process – not product.”

“Let the words play you.”


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