Dear Double Act! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the acting intensive that I attend in Sydney not long ago! The support, knowledge, craft, direction, professionalism, dedication and love shown by both Dianne Eden and Jennifer Flowers was incredible! The talented group of actors selected to attend were encouraging and inspiring, the vocal work was hard and invigorating and the monologue and scene work was some of the best fun I have had since drama school! I would (and have) recommended Double Act studio to every actor I come across and I am begging you both to come back to Sydney so we can work together again! Any actor wanting a full craft and technique workout as well as a leap into the professional acting industry need to contact these amazing women as soon as possible! Thank you so much, Sophie xxx
Sasha Dyer reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

Getting to work with Dianne and Jennifer is like a high-octane shot of inspiration, exhilaration straight to the veins, while being completely grounded in solid expertise and clarity. Putting yourself in a room with them is the most sure-fire way to nurture your craft and your instincts that I’ve come across. Every actor should do themselves this favour.

Mahala Wallace reviewed Double Act Studio5 stars

Working with Dianne and Jennifer is probably one of the best decisions you could make as an actor. They are talented, empowered women who fill me with inspiration and joy for what I do and anyone who has worked with them would agree. So if you have the opportunity to work with them then… DO IT!

Ruby O’Kelly reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

My weekend working with Jennifer and Dianne overwhelmed me with happiness and inspiration. I am so grateful for their passion in challenging actors to dig deeper and the importance of voice and text. You’ll be thanked at the oscars. Ruby X

Ali McGirr reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

Dianne and Jennifer are true Masters. To work separately with these wonderful women is a gift. To work with both together is a phenomenon I do not have words for. The inspiration they conjure, the depth they take you, the specificity, the unbridled joy, love and passion is second to none. Whether to improve your craft, get a refresher or if you simply need a burst of inspiration, Double Act Studio is where you must be! You will walk away having freed your voice and with more confidence in your craft. Do yourself a favour and book a spot in the next workshop! I have!!

Nick Bartlett reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

Dianne Eden and Jennifer flowers are walking Masterclasses. I would highly recommend any actor, from aspiring to working professional to work with them. Between them they offer a wealth of experiences not only as teachers but accomplished actors themselves. You will be hard pressed to find a duo in australia, or the world, who even come close to having the skills these two have. Voice, Text and Acting Masters. Do yourself a favour. World. Class.

Marcus Vanco reviewed Double Act Studio5 stars

Dianne and Jennifer are the perfect team. Together they cover everything. They’ll reveal to you a deeper technical and intellectual understanding of the text, and connect you to a profound and visceral instinct within yourself that you didn’t know existed. That’s exactly what happened with me. Double Act Studio highlighted that the boundries can always be pushed. That there is never a perfect way to do a scene; only your way. However, you must LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR! Embrace their teachings however uncomfortable it will make you feel because I promise you, you will fly with these two guiding you.

Johann Ayesh Silva reviewed Double Act Studio5 star
John Bennetto reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

You think you know how to act, how to learn lines and get on stage (where the real learning happens) or in front of the lens and strut ‘your stuff’, think again. Only one class will set you back to Grade One, and make you realise how much you do not know, but can learn. From training orators, to ‘gifted’, ‘instinctive’ and even ‘natural’ actors there is much to learn.
Stand aside Adler and Chubbuck, this is real training. Now, I eagerly anticipate the book.

***I’m going to tackle Helena while I have the queens of Shakespeare available to work with me. Ruby O’Kelly

Hannah Kassulke reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

Dianne and Jen have knowledge beyond what anyone could imagine! I learned something new in every class that we had 🙂

Alexander Butt reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

Dianne and Jennifer are passionate, insightful and caring teachers.

Nick Smith reviewed Double Act Studio5 star

I’ve learnd so much in such a short amount of time from Dianne and Jennifer. Dianne has educated me on how the voice really works and given me a new awareness around how to make my voice more rich and authentic.
And Jennifer has just been great with teaching me new acting techniques and pushing me to grow each week.
The perfect workshop Duo! Highly recommend for anyone

I found how to access an authentic character

I loved the team teaching and the learning that came my way.

I loved the different styles and skills both Di and Jen brought to the room.

I feel more connected to my body and breath and feel I have more confidence in understanding language.